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Mark Lloyd, DVM

Mark Lloyd, DVM is our newest associate, he comes from this area and Graduated UGA in 1989. Dr Lloyd led an interesting path to us here at Four Paws Animal Hospital!! His varied career has involved being a Zoo veterinarian at the Toledo Zoo, Roger Williams Park Zoo, El Paso Zoo and Alaska Sea Life Center which was created after the Exxon Valdez incident…his past experiences range from being the Commander of Vet Med Assistance Team #1 created to assist in disasters that involve animals, including the World Trade Center Disaster, massive floods nationally and internationally and Hurricane disasters such as Katrina and Rita. He is involved in rescues of large animals (from a helicopter!) Dr. Lloyd has many Disaster certifications and has taught at universities here and abroad, as well as a writer for textbooks in the veterinary field.

Dr Lloyd will bring a new dimension to Four Paws Animal Hospital, we will be offering Exotic Medicine. Dr L has agreed to see your pets with scales and feathers, as well as your pocket friends, paws or no paws he will see them!!